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Healed From Awful Eczema 

Dawn Ho, Singapore

Thanks to Esther, I was first introduced to the amazing healing benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils when my 11-year-old daughter suffered from very bad eczema that affected her cheeks, ears, armpits and legs. The improvement after the 2-week detox protocol was like a miracle.  For those who are suffering from eczema, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Esther to learn more. 

Nasty Sandfly Bites Cured

Siew Hiong, Singapore

I went for a diving trip in May 2019, and returned with terrible sandfly bites. A dive doctor even told me that the bite marks left by sandflies cannot be removed and showed me his own bite scars from 20 years ago. Fortunately for me, Esther taught me a protocol that helped me with the bite marks. I started doing the protocol using biodynamic farmed essential oils in June 2019 and by September 2019, my skin has healed beautifully. I am grateful for Esther, her natural healing knowledge and skills which make so much difference to the health and quality of life of my family. 

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Recovered From Horrible Skin Pigmentation

Annie, Singapore

In 2018, I suffered from deep pigmentation on both sides of my cheeks that even make-up cannot really cover, and I always yearned to clear them. I am grateful to know Esther who tailored a healing protocol for me. I started following the protocol in June 2019. By 2021, my skin has miraculously cleared up without having to go through any kind of laser or surgical treatment. The process was entirely natural, simply utilising food-based herbal essences. The lumpy keloid scar on my hand also lightened and flattened considerably that it is hardly noticeable now.

Rashes and Lices Gone

Mdm Chua, Singapore

My baby grand-daughter was afflicted with very bad rashes on her face. After following Esther’s healing protocol for 4 days, it cleared up. When another grandchild suffered from a head full of hair lices, I went to Esther again for help. Within two hours of following her natural protocol, all the lices were gone. I cannot thank Esther enough for what she has given to my family. 




Esther is a lovely kind lady with a big heart. She is dedicated, zealous and always ready to help others in need by sharing her amazing knowledge about spirituality, natural healing and aromatherapy. Time and again, she supported me and my loved ones readily with powerful healing protocols, scientific and spiritual information for our healing and growth. I am grateful for her healing solutions and support to me and my dear ones.


I am a stage 4 cancer patient. I am very fortunate to have Esther who supported me in this journey. She has been very patient in explaining the benefits of plant essences, and demonstrating and coaching my wife how to support me in a healing therapy. Esther is a very sincere and kind-hearted lady. She follows up with me closely on my progress. I sincerely recommend anyone with a medical condition and is keen to try out natural healing to consult Esther. I believe she will be able to help you. 


Esther is a natural born healer. She combines home remedies and essential oils to create homeopathic solutions to your problems. She has helped me with several ailments, from relieving menstrual cramps to increasing my natural immune system. Instead of pumping myself with factory-made drugs, I will always go to Esther for her advice first. Her suggestions have never failed me and I have heeded and appreciated all her advice for my physical, mental, and emotional needs. She is also a lovely person- her calm presence and kind words are the cherry on top to her excellent healing work. I'm very grateful to have met her.


2020 was a challenging year for me. Like most people, I had to learn to live and adapt to the changes Covid-19 brought about. It was a dark fearful period with a lot of uncertainty. To me, it had an unfavourable impact to my life as the economical downturn resulted in the downsizing of the company I am working in for the past decade and a likely job loss. Fortunately, Esther was here to help me. She open my eyes to the workings of energetics, and formulated a protocol which raises my vibrational frequencies with her healing knowledge and skills. With her guidance and following through the healing process, I am now much better equipped and more resilient to handle difficult life situations and challenges. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough to Esther for her help. If not for her, I would probably still be mired in the dark abyss of hopelessness! I strongly recommend Esther to anyone in need of healing.


It is amazing to be reunited with Esther in September 2020 - some 20 years after graduation. Over the past year or so, I have seen how knowledgeable she is as a healer when she shared on wellness and how she cared for community members and clients in need with her big heart and sincerity. She often radiates a sense of calm and comfort whenever I meet her or call on her. Short forest walks with her never fail to lift my spirits. Like to thank Esther for the numerous pieces of healing advice and support given for my family health and wellness. I am now a more energetic, better looking and calmer working mother (no more breaking into cold sweat from time to time after experiencing early menopause).


Esther empathizes and understands my conditions, not just physically but emotionally. She provides good emotional support by acknowledging my pains and problems and helping me manage them. As a certified clinical and metaphysical aromatherapist, Esther boasts extensive knowledge of the use of essential oils in the process of healing and is generous in sharing her knowledge-- be it during therapy sessions or outside therapy sessions. During therapy sessions, she combines her knowledge with her intuition and she knows how to effectively care for and relieve my symptoms. Even when I forget to mention some of the problems I am facing, her intuition helps and she can identify what to do to help ease it. Esther has also forged a great community that helps and cares for each other. This community she forged goes on activities like forest bathing together and it helped improve my mental well-being. Overall, Esther is a patient, caring, and supportive person with much empathy. She has helped me make significant progress on my path to recovery and I can’t express how thankful I am to her. 


Esther is one of the kindest and most genuine persons I know. She is very knowledgeable in natural healing for wellness. Through nature walks and the healing power of plant essences, I’ve learned to reconnect with nature and the universe. It helps to ground me yet uplift me, creating a sense of overall well-being. There are times when city-living can get very overwhelming, and coming back to the present moment with Esther’s help empowers me to feel strength, resilience and unity in body, mind and spirit. When pain and discomfort strike, I seek Esther’s help. Period cramps, stomach pains or muscle aches are all soothed naturally when I follow Esther’s advice and protocols


Esther introduced me to the world of natural healing using plant essences. I wounded my leg and upon using abit of lavender, the wound was no longer itchy and it dried up by the next day. The essences help me with the headaches and flu and colds I suffer from, I recover fast naturally without having to consume pharmaceutical drugs. The floral essences ground me and offer emotional balancing and support. When my dad was ill and suffered from insomnia, the essences relaxed him and gave him a good night rest.


I have droopy eyelid on my left side and after consulting Esther and following her healing protocol, my droopy eyelid has improved after a few months. Lately, I have also been waking up with a headache. Again, after consulting with Esther and following her protocol of plant essences, I no longer wake up with a headache. Esther can advise on the appropriate medicinal plant essences to use based on one’s health issue or problem. She is very knowledgeable and will always share useful information on general health and the use of medicinal essential oils. She is friendly and very approachable. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s keen to try out alternative therapy and healing to better improve one’s health and well-being.


Due to a cold constitution and unsuitable foods, my 7-year old son broke out in what Chinese called itchy ‘wind rashes’ throughout his body. The big patches of rashes covered the entire chest, back and limbs. I immediately consulted Esther. After following her protocol of healing foods and plant essences to use, my son recovered the next morning. All the angry red rashes and itch were gone. It is amazing what healing foods and plant essences can do for the body. 


I regularly suffer from indigestion and gastric discomfort, and also suffer from early ageing with lots of white hair even though I am in my teens. Fortunately, Esther was there to help me with my healing. I now experience better health, encountering gastric issue only occasionally and have fewer strands of white hair now


I am really fortunate to know Esther and understand how energies and frequencies affect our life, work and our reality. She recommended to me a metaphysical blend to attract abundance into my life. Upon using it, I felt really energized. What’s best is my gold stocks which were stagnant for many years went up. My ex-boss also contacted me to help him as a part-timer, offering me more streams of revenue and I sold two cars that month, compared with none for the previous month


Guided by Esther, I started my 5-day detox on 22 Aug 2022 to improve my health. I greatly appreciate Esther for her patience, support, motivation and love showered upon me during these 5 days. Without her sincere support, I doubt I can complete the detox programme as I nearly gave up after my 4th day. 

My body feel lighter after the 3rd day as I flush out all the toxins from my colon and digestive system every morning from the 2nd day onwards. After 5th day of detox, I noticed there is clarity and a glow to   my skin like never before. My age spot was also lighter after the 3rd day, and I experience less pain and greater flexibility in my knee joints as well. My sleep improved too. I can now sleep much better than before I started my my detox.


Esther was a good teacher and was patient in guiding me through the raindrop and massage techniques. She is knowledgeable in the effective use of essential oils to efficaciously help with various conditions.  Thank you Esther for guiding me as I am now able to share what I had learned with my family members and teach others in doing the same. 


I was tested positive with Covid and I seek the advice from Esther. She shared with me the use of the existing essential oils that I have as I was too weak to purchase  other essential oils online and I was all alone at home. 

My fever was gone by the 2nd day and my body aches and cough got better by the 3rd day. I continue to follow the protocol and by the 4th day, my energy is back, and I feel normal and was able to eat and sleep. I was no longer coughing. I was able to do my daily routines by the 5th day. I was tested negative on the 7th day and my friend that had it on the same day with me was still positive.  I thank Esther for sharing the process of using the essential oils during covid and I was able to recover faster as compared to my other friends


My 12-month old baby was down with flu-like symptoms and started wheezing badly late at night. I texted Esther for help and she shared with me a few methods of using essential oils that will help baby.

Baby actually had troubles sleeping because he was suffering from very congested respiratory system. That night, after applying the essential oils as directed by Esther, my baby slept better as he was able to breathe better. The next morning, his wheezing stopped.

These days, bronchitis is very common among infants and toddlers so I suspected my baby is about to develop bronchitis, because of the wheezing. I shared with Esther the timeline of my baby’s symptoms. Then she confidently shared that one particular oil will be very helpful to help baby fight the virus. Her confidence gave me a peace of mind and trust in the power of the oils. 

After, applying the recommended oil under baby’s sole for the 4th time this morning. His runny nose stopped as well.


 I have been introduced and made consultation with a community to discuss about my symptoms occurring during these past years. After the protocol was given, I was also introduced to Esther to have the therapy sessions. It was my first therapy holistic session for myself.

During the sessions, Esther was patient enough to teach me how to take care of my own health when I am back home.  It was a good experience to have those sessions.

There were times I have neglected some parts of my body that now I have to pay attention to, such as the blockages at lymphatic nodes etc.  She showed me how to take care of these energy blockages.  After that I felt there was energy flowing, alike the experience I get from meditation.

I felt so good after a couple of sessions. But on the last session, I felt not as fresh as the sessions before. After updating with her, she told me it was common when one is detoxing negative energies. The next day, I am back to normal.

Now, I am back in Indonesia and I still continue the therapeutic protocol that the community and Esther advised. I feel fresher and better than before. Hopefully, I can regain my stamina once again. Thank you once again to Esther.


I caught the influenza flu bug from a family member. I experienced hoarse voice, runny and stuffy nose, sneezing, headaches and fatigue. 

I consulted Esther and she shared with me that using therapeutic grade essential oils and biodynamic farmed supplements can help to relieve my symptoms. She also shared the method of doming. Which gratefully relieved my Headaches from congestions.

Following her directions closely, I recovered faster than I thought. 

My family member who relied on western medicines is still experiencing symptoms and sign of recovery is slow. I did share with her what Esther shared with me but it is still up to the individual what to believe and what to put into their body that will let their health thrive in long term… I hope one day my family members can benefit from holistic and natural therapeutic methods like I did. 

Once again, thank you Esther


Seeing improvements health, wealth, peace, harmony and happiness

I'm grateful that I'm part of Alchemy of Nature community, a community supported by many others who have a vast knowledge of metaphysics. I for one am not able to explain nor understand the science behind it, but I choose to believe when I see so many positive testimonials from other members.  i just follow the protocols and see improvements in all aspects of my life journey - health, wealth, peace, harmony and happiness. It is definitely not superstition.  I always keep an open mind to learn and understand as I know there are always knowledge that works that we just do not know about.


To cut a long story short, I have a rough life during the covid period of 2019 - 2022. Uncertainty, fear, greed and doubt were cast upon on my personal life, family and career. Disharmony, negative thoughts and energies were all that I experience, until I join this healing community.


After taking continuous steps in following and practising what had been taught by Esther, I see a difference in my life. After attending the online healing session by John and the metahealers, I receive a promotion when work and job prospects seem bleak.


I also clear all my unsecured loan debt for the first time in my whole life through enjoying a better than expected December bonuses. Please spread the word and love to others in need about the healing and Alchemy’s community. The alchemical impact and effect is amazing. It is one step to becoming a better person, helping oneself and others along the way. John, the metahealers and Alchemy community are awesome!

2023 onwards will definitely be a better year for me.

May all be well and happy!


Correct way of applying EOs


My son returned to school today. I always knew that there is a certain essential oil that  promotes sense of security and protection and I read somewhere that applying it on the child before going to school can help them ease their separation anxiety. I tried it on my son’s first week of school but it didn’t work and I wondered why. This week, I followed Esther’s directions on how to apply it on my child.

I truly felt the difference when I dropped him off at school today. There were no tears compared to the other times when I just applied the oil sparingly and also not sure how much to use.

The correct method and ways to use the essential oil is so important. It really makes a difference to one’s quality of life. Thank you Esther once again, for the support and directions!


Experiencing the profound and subtle ways of energies

I originally intend to heal my knotted, negative emotions and mind-state. However, before treatment begins, I was suddenly infected with Covid. Due to the infection, I lost my ability to sense and feel energies, which I always have. By the chance arrangement of the universe, I was able to experience the mysterious, profound and subtle ways of energies. With each healing session, I can feel the high vibrational frequencies of the oils restoring my ability.


What is even more astounding is when Esther held my ankles for the very first time, the comforting, warm healing energies that came flooding in from my soles spreading to all over my body was just indescribable!


The most amazing thing is that after three sessions, not only do I experience a more positive and relaxed state of mind with higher frequency; job opportunities also came in immediately for me, and I experience good luck again and again. Through this healing, I deeply experience that energy of the healer is more important than abilities or techniques.


Esther is a gentle, easy-going and lovely therapist.

命运就是顺应安排,本来治疗的安排是为了那纠结的心情。 但在治疗前突然中了COVID,本身可以感受能量的我顿间失去感应能力,机缘巧合下的安排,让我感受到能量的奥妙。 每次治疗先在背部做雨滴疗法,已经可以感受到精油令我的恢复感应的能力。 但最惊喜还是Esther 第一次握在我双腿,那温暖的能量从脚底涌入,再蔓延全身,难以用语言来形容的舒服! 最神奇是经过三次治疗后,不但纠结的心情豁然开朗,轻松; 而能量提高后,工作的机会也随即而来,好运连连。 深深感受到能量比能力重要! Esther 是一位温柔,为人随和,不失可爱的治疗师。


Natural Healing for Covid Infection


Thanks to Esther for her natural healing protocol, my covid infection recovered very fast without the use of any drugs. By day 3, most of my symptoms have started to clear up. And by day 5, I am back to normal.

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