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Anisotropic Fullerene Pyramid

SKU: 671253175371
  • Size: 20cm x 20cm

    Protection against harmful EMF radiation, 4G, 5G and WIFI.


    1. Direct from Genuine mining site

    2. Studied by Russian and USA Government effective against radiation and good for health. Neutralises 4G,5G, cosmic and WIFI Radiation

    3. Ideal for car with Bluetooth, 4G/5G Phone and Infotainment radiation

    4. Ideal and a must-have for hybrid or EV car due to Faraday Caging on Passengers and Driver.

    5. Place anywhere in Boot or office table securely

    6. Last forever and no regular cleansing need.

    7. Limited natural supplies. Used by space and military radiation protection and research

    8. No chemical treatment involved


    Human biofield is almost always exposed. Electromagnetic (EMF) radiation greatly affects human health. This is where anisotropic fullerene can help. Scientists have confirmed the unusual protective properties of anisotropic fullerene. Its unique structure helps neutralise the harmful effects of EMF radiation as well as having a beneficial impact on the body. It reflects harmful electromagnetic radiation and reduces your risk of biofield deformation, keeping your health and psychic in normal state. With long term use, your biofield becomes stronger, body energy and sleep quality improves, and nervousness reduced. It may also help to ease bodily pain.

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